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Tyre Markings

September 21, 2009

At the Total Kenya Motorshow I had a chat with some chaps at the Yana Stand who explained to me what the numbers on a tyre mean. Heres a summary 1.Tyre widthThis three-digit number refers to the overall width of the tyre in millimeters. 2.Profile/Aspect ratioThe relationship between tyre height and tyre width. The higher […]

Rolls Royce Ghost

September 8, 2009

Rolls Royce Limited was created over a famous lunch brokered by Henry Edmunds in May 1904 at the Midlands Hotel in Manchester. Edmunds brought together Henry Royce, a successful engineer and Charles Rolls, the owner of one of the worlds first car dealerships. The meeting led to an agreement that Rolls would exclusively sell as […]